Posted by Nick on January 12, 2020 at 08:04 PM CST
While we await a press release, videos from the floor have confirmed this is a digital unit in a 3/4 scale to the full size Zen Studios units we saw at Celebration last year. The feature a 24 inch play area and a 7 inch screen above. They come in three pieces, so easy to assemble. Price point is not yet set but Arcade1Up reps have said it should come in between $450 and $650. No release date but aiming for the fall.

Arcade1Up Saga Pinball

No confirmation on the featured titles but artwork on the unit features figures from the original, prequel, and sequel trilogies, so it is safe to assume you will be able to play a game from each era. The unit features haptic feedback and will have something that will register when you bump or tilt the device, for those pinball wizards. Early indications are that there is no lag in the flippers or ball.

Hopefully we will get a chance to see this unit at Toy Fair in New York next month and get some hands on time and more information.
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