Posted by Dustin on September 7, 2020 at 06:00 AM CST
Just in From GonkToys:

The GonkToys Team is very excited about the continual success of GonkToys Acrylics since the official launch in mid-May of 2020! Yes, it has only been officially four months of selling arcylics!

Currently, many collectible stores in Southern California are jumping in and carrying our products along with YourToyLink in Idaho.

We have added a lot of new products to the roster including:

** Star Wars Cases A, B, & C which work for all 9x6 card backs and Internal depths up to 1.25 - 2.
** Specially designed weighted acrylic peg stands to perfectly center your vintage action figures.
** Modern acrylic peg stands to work with everything Hasbro 1995-2020 TVC and 6 Black Series!
** Risers with 4 step tiers and with 2 step tiers.

September is a big jump forward with new cases for vintage lines including: Masters of the Universe, Jurassic Park, Thundercats and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! As the brand is growing we are already focusing on the future and are exploring both Vintage and Modern Acrylic Display Solutions for collectors! We are also happy to announce a brand new case called the CutCard Case which is focused on vintage Star Wars cut cards found in many collections often known as a stocking stuffer figure! A special tool called the Manipulator Arm which helps put wavey, bent cardbacks inside GonkToys acrylic cases without damaging or struggling. And Finally a new case for 40th Anniversary 6 Black Series Figures!

All products are designed by our team at GonkToys, Inc. - Tony Medina, Leighton Dyer and Romeo Ortiz.

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