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Released during Force Friday (September 1st through 3rd, 2017) as part of The Last Jedi selection of LEGO Star Wars sets, 75190 First Order Star Destroyer formed the vanguard of the movie's LEGO merchandise assault.

This version of the Old Empire's iconic Star Destroyer is - at twice the length of its progenitor - the mainstay of the First Order's navy and serves as a symbol of awesome power. Likewise, the LEGO version (though not twice the length of minifig-scale Star Destroyers) is one of the more imposing sets from the The Last Jedi collection, and Rebelscum thought it was time to look at most recent big, wedge of grey cheese to be added to the Star Wars galaxy before it gets retired from the fleet.

First things first, despite the inclusion of the first-ever Supreme Leader Snoke minifigure, this isn't Snoke's flagship. That honour goes to a Mega-class Star Dreadnought - the Supremacy - which is so stupendously large that eight of these Resurgent-class Star Destroyers can use it as a parking lot. If you want one of those you'll need a good recipe plus lots and lots of bley bricks.

Getting back to the set in hand, 75190 First Order Star Destroyer is 1416 pieces of detail, play and at 22” (56cm) long and 12” (32cm) wide and 5” (14cm) high it has a serious amount of shelf filling displayability.

Our resident builder, Matt, took up the challenge to put this set together for Rebelscum’s readers and shared his thought on the construction, which opened with a favourable comment on the surprisingly low number of bags - considering the size of the finished model - and the different elements contained in them.

The assemblage of the superstructure eschewed the tried-and-tested Technics triangle and relied on building the bottom hull plates first. This was, says Matt, not only fun but very interesting. He also felt that the thought behind the design was very apparent with everything lining up wonderfully, was surprisingly strong and the portrayal of the engine thrust nozzles were well done, though the flattened base made it look like the hull been run across by a belt sander.

Building the mirrored upper hull section was a bit monotonous, but the overall raked angle and the plate-thick tiers set the tone and gave the finished construction a midi-scale appearance that belied its minifigure nature. The minimal amount of greeblies, a term that was coined in the Star Wars universe, but one that is well emplyed by the LEGO Star Wars design team, means that the model isn't encumbered by a heavy amount of small elements.

While the gap between the left and right halves of the upper hull is ugly, you’ll find yourself forgiving the set’s designer because it gives access to the fantastic and fun-filled interior, which Matt described as a pleasure to build.

The clever use of the limited amount of space inside the First Order's triangle of solar apocalypse is a study in Scandinavian interior design which perfectly alloted the tight amount of square studdage to Snoke’s stateroom, the bridge, sensor stations and the stormtrooper canteen - which made Matt wonder if Kylo Ren likes penne arrabbiata as much as his grandfather did.

Lastly, folding the top-most hull plates back into place and swinging the command superstructure gives access to a nifty design feature; a handle that gives hands - small or large - a way to safely portage 75190 First Order Star Destroyer between battles.

With a good of assortment of minifigures, it's worth drawing attention to the fact that they are all (largely - in the there is no First Order shuttle to be piloted) appropriate to the set and there were no extraneous characters, as what happened with 75189 First Order Heavy Assault Walker, tacked on to give the set some additional hero appeal. The haggard and put upon expression that the First Order officer minifigure has been given is probably the most accurate detail of the entire set. In addition to the five minifigures is a mini hologram figure whose character is unassigned, giving you lease to express dark machinations, the real villain of The Last Jedi - BB-9E (aka BB-H8) - and a brick-built medical droid that seems to be doubling up as a server in the Star Destroyer's mess hall.

It is true that the bigger the Star Wars vehicle, the harder it is to accurately design a set that captures the essence without taking a conscious step towards the standards of the Ultimate Collectors Series. Thankfully the designer of this set realised this and balanced the right amount of detail and playability to give a set that - on the outside - looks close enough to the on-screen original to be put up on a shelf for display or taken down and opened up for smaller fans to play with, is built in a way that isn't overly technical or arduous for a young teen and has a price point that won't require a bank loan.

And since this is LEGO if, after spending a handful of hours completing the build, you don't like the final product you can always break it apart and build something different.

This set, which has been out for nearly two years, is becoming hard to find and is largely sold out on, . A number of alternate sources like eBay and Bricklink still has this set available for purchase at prices close to RRP, and with this set on the cusp of being formally retired this is a good time to fill that triangular hole in your collection.

Though not technically the flagship of the First Order's space fleet, there are enough clues to suggest that LEGO was leaning heavily on references to Snoke's personal conveyance - the Supremacy - when they designed this set. This flexibility in the inclusion of outside influences leaves room for the addition of a couple of other LEGO Star Wars sets to extend play.

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